The Magic Framer

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This function adds a frame with an effect to your original image. The F key also works.

Here is an example of what this does:





Automatic one click method:

The magic framer is a one click way of creating many variations of your original images with an extra frame and the effect applied as a vignette (so the center of your image remains unchanged)..


Open an image file as normal (or bring in an image using the clipboard) and select None as the effect. Now push the F key on your keyboard, or choose Magic Framer from the Sequence menu, or click on the Magic-Framer-Icon icon. Repligator will start to create a set of images which are variations on your original image with a frame and various effects around the outer edges of your image.


Manual method:

If you want to try a similar technique, but manually with more control, here are the steps:


Step 1. Get your original image into Repligator.

Step 2. Use the Edit menu item Copy to Clipboard item.

Step 3. Use the Edit menu item Paste Bordered.

Step 4. Select a border size (as a percentage of the size of your image), and a color and click on OK.

Step 5. When the filter choice dialog pops up, click on None. 

Step 6. Push the F12 button and choose Random Vignettes in the dialog.


See also Multiple Image Generation.

See also Copy and Paste Bordered.