The Sequence Overview Dialog

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When you have created various filtered versions of your original image you may want to go to a specific one. Using the sequence overview dialog you can see several thumbnail versions of the current sequence at once. A single sequence may contain up to 120 images.


From the menu select View|Sequence Overview, or click on the Seq-Ov-Icon icon in the toolbar:




Use the cassette player buttons above the thumbnails to move the sequence backwards and forwards, and  click on the image which you want to re-create. If you hit OK then the image in the central window will be re-created. If you hit CANCEL then the image will stay as it is.


An alternative to this dialog is to use the cassette buttons in the tool bar Casette, but this only allows movement one frame at a time, or to the very first or very last image in the sequence.


The keyboard arrow keys (left and right) also allow movement within a sequence one image at a time.


New images (created with F7, F8 or F9, F11 or F12) are always added to the end of a sequence.