The Warp Print Effect

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When textiles are made the warp is the yarn which is strung lengthwise. The weft (or woof) is strung horizontally. Warp printing involves printing on the warp yarn before it is combined, by weaving, with the weft. Since only half of the textile has an image, and is in fact interleaved with the unprinted weft, the resulting image has a soft blurry effect. Further, traditional textile printing which used this technique had a limited number of colors. This effect allows you to see what your image would look like if it were warp printed


As usual you can leave the wizard to choose everything, and push F8 to get several versions of this effect on your image. You can choose, with the dialog box:




The number of "warp lines" which are visible (because of "misalignment")

The length of the "warp lines"

The colors used in the printing.


If you want vector output (PRO version only) of the warp print effect it is probably better to use as many "warp lines" as possible.


See also the cross stitch effect.