Tutorial - How to make stardust vignettes from your photographs

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Tutorial 6: How to make stardust vignettes with Repligator


You will learn in this tutorial how to add a stardust vignette effect to your photograph. Though we are using stardust as the effect you can choose any of the effects to use as a vignette.


Step 1) Bring in the photograph, choose the Stardust Effect:




Step 2) Now click on "Fine tune..." and the stardust dialog will pop up, set it to the settings below. Note especially the a b c steps in red:




Repligator will create an image something like this:




Step 3) Now, if you double click on the image the stardust dialog will pop up again and you can the stardust and mix settings as you like.

Remember that you can use these buttons Casette, or the cursor keys on your keyboard, to go back and foward to previous versions of the image you have created. You only need to save the images you really like.


Step 4) Now choose a different effect (F6 key or F6-icon) and make a new elliptical vignette using your new effect.

This is the last of the Repligator introductory tutorials. The help file contains lots of hints and tips and explanations, simply push F1 while you are working with Repligator to get answers to your questions!