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You can use this filter to create a Picasso style painting from any of your digital photographs. Picasso portraits are good examples. The lady below was photographed in Barcellona and is a street artist. Simply applying the Cubism Effect you can image this is what the cubist painter would have made of her:

The settings dialog of the filter could not be easier. Just choose the size of the "features" and how much of the original image you want mixed with the final "Picasso" image:

That is the wonderful thing about this program, no layers, no actions, no floating selections and so on. Those things are great if you need them, but sometimes you just want to point and click and get the effect you are after.

Here are some more examples of this particular filter:

Cubist Picasso Filter Effect

Cubist Portrait Example

Note in this last example how the street lights in the background have been turned into brightly colored cubist shapes.

If you like this effect you may also like to have a look at the other 150 effects available in Repligator.

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