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Some "Pop-Art" Software is not so easy to use, but this program gives you ease of use together with professional settings if you want them.

Lichtenstein and Warhol are probably the two the most famous Pop Artists of the laste century (if we discount Pollock (we have a filter for him too)), and this program lets you create images in their pop style in a few easy clicks. Lets go!

The Andy Warhol Type Effect

Simply bring your image into Repligator by opening a file or drag and drop, and then select Warhol Type Filter:

You can either go with the settings suggested by the program:

Or you can click on the "Fine tune" button and you will get this dialog:

Set the dialog setting to what you see above, which is an example of having 4x4 images.

Warhol usually published his screen prints in 10 different color combinations and the blank flat color gives a startingly lurid impersonal effect to the image. In the above dialog you can also set how strong Andy's hand is. The stronger it is the more perfectly flat are the colors. You can also change the number of inks used, in the example above it is set to 4 (within each smaller image).

And what about Roy Lichtenstein? He achives a powerful impact with bold primary colors and a direct style...

Roy Lichtenstein Pop Art Effect

Again, bring in your image and simply select Pop Art from the list of effects, then click on the fine tune button to get this dialog:

Pop Art Dialog (Lichenstein)

As you can see you can choose whatever colors and textures you want to get the final image you want. Remember that in Repligator you can also use the tickle icon to get variations of the same effect, as shown below:

These are just two effects of the 150 available in the latest version of Repligator. See also Turn Photos Into Pop Art.

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