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The Pop Art Effect

You can swiftly turn a photo into a painting by the pop artist Roy Lichtenstein with just a few clicks. Here are some examples:

Pop Art Portrait Example 1Pop Art Portrait Example 2

Even a blurry cat photograph can be transformed into something novel, striking and interesting:

Blurry Feline (Pop Art)Blurry Cat By Roy Lichtenstein

Here is a screenshot of the dialog you use to set the colors, borders and shading:

Pop Art Settings Dialog

As you can see you have total control over the final image. In the above example the "dots" pattern has been chosen, for all but one of the areas. The brightest area is colored wirh a solid color, as Roy Lichtenstein would probably have done in his own Pop Art. But you can choose diagonal stripes as well, as you can see from the two examples at the top of this page.

Download Pop Art Program for Windows

 Click here for more examples. See also Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol and Optical Art.

Pop Art Your Photos!


Roy Lichtenstein (b New York 1923) US Pop Artist who uses advertising imagery and comic strip techniques, often focusing on popular ideals of romance and heroism.


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