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Repligator Pro Version Features

There are two versions of Repligator, the Home version and the Pro version. Both contain the same 150 effects . The Home version costs $9.99 and the Pro version costs $19.99. (If you buy the Home version you can upgrade to the Pro at any time for $10.00.)

The Pro version has...

An extra menu...

Repligator Pro Menu

and an extra dialog:


If you find a setting for your effect which you want to save for future use you can save the settings as a Repligator Preset. At some future time you can restore the setting to apply to the same or to a different image

Vector output (PS/EPS) of some effects

Some effects naturally give a vector effect. The pro version of Repligator lets you save the image as a vector file for reading by programs such as Illustrator. Not all effects can be saved as vectors.

Disable and Enable specific filters

You may want to experiment with only 10 of the 150 effects. This feature lets you do that.

Larger maximum image size

The Pro version has a maximum image size of 6500 pixels horzontally. The home version 2500. Both versions give you the opportunity of resizing the image you have opened if it is too large.

Control-F8 variations function

Control-F8 is like a "twiddle effect settings" and can give subtly different effects at the touch of a single key. It changes very slightly the properties of a filter, thus giving you the same effect, but with different colors/shapes etc.

Paste image with resize option

When you paste an image from Repligator or another graphics program to Repligator Pro you can paste it as a different size from the original. You can change the horizontal and vertical dimensions together or indipendently. The home version pastes the image without any resize command.

Gradient Image Maker

You can make your own gradient image to use as a starting point for other effects.

Raster Signatures

The Home version allows you to sign your images with your chosen text and font and color. The PRO version also allows you to add a scanned signature to your image.

Plugin Mode

The PRO version can work as a plugin in many versions of PaintShopPro and Photoshop. It has been tested on PSP 5 PSP 8 and PSP 9 as well as Photoshop 5 LE.

NB: If the plugin operation is important to you please test the demo with your paint program before purchasing.

How to choose between the Pro and Home versions.

If you will use vector output of some of the filters then you should buy the Pro Version.

If you are not interested in vector output and do not know or care what a "preset" is then you should choose the Home version.

If you use Repligator often and regularly for creating you images, and want to save settings for later use then you should buy the Pro Version, with its Preset saving and loading.

If you just want to apply effects to your digital camera photos (or other images) then you should buy the Home Version.

If you use very high resolution images (more than 8000 pixels wide) then you should select the PRO version.

The demo version of Repligator includes the Pro features, which are clearly marked as such.

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