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Using the Sepia Filter to add an "olden days" look to you photographs.

It really is quite simple, drag the photo into the main window and let the wizard help you select the brightness, contrast, rotation and cropping. Then choose the Sepia Effect from the list of 150 filters programs. You will get a dialog which looks like this:

Sepia Filter properties

With those setting your original image (seen on the left) will be transformed to the sepia image you see on the right:

Before and after sepia filter

Of course you can choose to have no frames, or octagonal or rectangular frames as well as the elliptical frame shown above. This effect is also well adapted to wedding photographs. And a related effect is the Multi-Tone effect which lets you fade different colors across your image vertically or horizontally.

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Other effects you might be interested in are: Old Film, Noise and Textured Image.

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