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Use the sepia tone effect to transform your photos.

This simple to use effect can give you great results immediately, here is an example of a photo I took in Katmandu in 2001 with a digital camera:

First Sepia Tone Example

The Sepia dialog gives you many options for changing the final result, for example if there is a frame to the photo, what shape that frame is, and the color of the frame. You can also actually change the color of the "sepia", as the following example shows.

Another Sepia Tone Example

This screenshot gives you another view of how you can use Repligator's Sepia Tone Filter to transform your modern photos into old style one:

Color photos to sepia photos

A related effect is the Multi-Tone effect which lets you fade different colors across your image vertically or horizontally. Repligator has 150 effects and a free Windows download is available:




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