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How to write your name in the sky...

We'll start off with a quite an ordinary photo, but with plenty of "natural" sky in the top half:

Skywriting photo start point.

As you can see I have written your name in white on the blue background of the sky. You can actually choose any color for the letters because the effect notices the contrast rather than the color itself. I used Paint Shop Pro 5 (old I know, but very reliable) to add the text.

Anyway. Next you bring in the image into Repligator with the clipboard or the file open menu and select "Clouds" as the effect to apply.

You will get a dialog box where you can change various things about the effect. Here is what I chose:

Skywriting photo - the dialog box

Note in the above screenshot that I have chosen "Top-Bottom" mix (see the combo box at the bottom of the dialog.) That means that the top of the image will have the effect applied, but the bottom not.

As for the other settings it takes a bit of experimentation because the preview is not always as accurate as it could be, but after a few tries this is the final effect I got:

Skywriting photo final image

Click here for another example.

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