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Stipple Filter? This term can be applied to many sorts of effects, some of which are illustrated below.

Oddly enough the Swarm Filter can give a stipple effect. Look at the image below. On the left there is the original photo, on the left is the results of the Swarm Effect:

Stipple Filter Swarm Effect

Here is an example of using the Newprint Effect. The original image is left untouched on the left, with the Newsprint Effect applied on the right:

The Newsprint filter is also sometimes called a stipple filter:


Repligator's Stubble Brush Filter can also give a stippled effect:

Stubble Brush Stipple Effect

Click here for a full list of Repligator Filters. Note that the PRO version can be used as a plugin. A free demo is available too. There are also Pencil Sketch and Charcoal effects.

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