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The Stubble Brush Effect.

Here is a photo of the famous skyline of Florence, Italy, we'll give it a stubble brush effect. The stubble brush is a short brush with firm bristles and dryish paint. The effct is what you can see in the second photo:

Florentine Slyline

Stubble Brush Version

All you have to do is open the image in Repligator (or drag it into the main window or use the clipboard) and in a few quick clicks you have your initial stubble brush version of your image. Here is another example:

The effect can also be applied to portraits:

Repligator has 150 effects, you may also be interested in the Fauves Effect and the Paul Klee Effect. For a complete list of all the artistic effects, includng this stubble brush effect, click here. Sometimes this effect is called the Stipple Filter.

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