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Sugar Skull Warhol

Christy Horne of Gypsy Time Travelers used Repligator to make this Warhol screenprint type image from a photo of a sugar skull:

Sugar Skull Warhol

As you can see the background of each image is not completely smooth, this is because Christy has set the "strength of Andy's hand" to low, so when he squeezed the squeegy the ink did not get even distributed. The dialog below gives you an example where "Andy's hand" (lowest slider) is set to 24, the max strength and smoothest ink.

Warhol Silkscreen Print Settings

You'll see from the dialog above that you can choose the number of images to have in the final result. Here is Christy's suga skull again, but with 3x3 sub images:

Sugar Skull Warhol

A free demo version of Repligator is available for you to try on your own images and photos:

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