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How to turn photos into Warhol prints

It is pretty easy to do, but first let's see some examples:

Einstein as Warhol Client

Of course you can use your own photos:

Andy Warhol applied to you own photos

Run Repligator and bring in the photo you want to change into the program. You can drag and drop the photo, use the clipboard (from your favorite paint program) or simply open the file with the file menu. Repligator recognises all the popular formats like JPG and PNG.

Once you have the image in the program simply select Warhol from the long list of effects available to you:

Select the Warhol Effect near the end of the list

Now you can look at some examples by clicking on the "Next Example..." button under the preview, or you can fine tune the effect by clicking on the "Fine tune" button. And example of the dialog you'll get to do the fine tuning is shown below:

Fine tuning the Warhol Effect

When the preview matches what you want to see simply click on the OK button and the full sized image will be created. Next you can save the image or double click on it to change the settings again, maybe changing the number of sub images or the colors of those sub images.

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