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How to apply a kaleidoscope effect to your photos

This is the sort of effect we want to get:

...and to get it all you need to do is to drag your image into the program's window then select Kaleidoscope from the list of effects.

And here is the dialog box for the effect, a few simple sliders and choices gives you all you need, complete with a preview of the final effect:

Even from the simple image of a Christmas tree you can make amazing new bright images, for example:

Kaleidoscope-effect example

And if you use details from an image even stranger effects can be achieved:

A less traditional sort of kaleidoscope effect can be created with the Image Chaos Filter. For more examples of the traditional effect click here.


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"I was searching for a program that would make a kaleidoscope image from a photo. At one time, that capability was in a program that I owned....I neither have access to the program now, nor do I even recall what program it was! During my search, I followed a link for Repligator, and downloaded the trial version, I had so much fun with it....that I decided to order!"


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