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Repligator V18 has 150 effects and many new features!

A second Engraved Effect with a new engraving style.
The Color High Pass filter enhanced edges in a colorful way.
It is easy to add Lens Flare to your photos now.
The Radial Blur Effect will make your photos very very dizzy!
The Text Shadow effect puts shadows on uneven surfaces
The Victor Vasarely effect.


What happened in the previous upgrade (to V17):

Add rubber stamps of your choosing to your photos
Multiple colorize, shade images vertically and horizontally with up to 4 colors

Add colorful and transparent frames around your photos
Add your own signature to the images you create (PRO version has image based signatures)
The high pass filter, show the edges of your image as well as shading the background as you like
Read and write GIF images (and TIFF images in the PRO version.)
The shadow bars effect can give your images a mysterious or dark "noir" look.
Many more background settings.
Effects which use "pens" and "brushes" can now have many different sources for their ink
The Braque Effect is now much faster


How to choose between Home and PRO

See the complete list of 150 effects by clicking here.

Refer to the email which sent you to this page to to upgrade.

Warhol Style Effect

Half Tone Newsprint Effect

Roy Lichtensten Effect

How to add a photo flash to an image


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