Textile Infinity

How a technical requisite of textile designs led to boundless artworks.





Many textile designs have to be repeatable, these are called, obviously enough "repeats". When I did some textile designs for an Indian company a few years ago of course I had to take account of the repeats.

When a textile is printed it is is printed in a long long swathe of cloth. And the design of the textile, while limited in extents, should match on the four sides of the design. So that placing the rectangles together the "join" cannot be seen, as illustrated below:

Owen Ransen Textile Design

But having to think about this repeating into infinity gave me the idea of something which repeats only in one way (the from say) while the colors do not repeat. The first results of these thoughts was Eno Fripp Gunn shown below:

I like to imagine the squares existing beyond the limits of the frame, glittering into moving off into infinity.



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