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Hiding the Pixels!

You can create a high resolution image using a low resolution image by using a low down trick. You increase the low resolution image size 4 times (for example) and then apply effects to the larger image.

You are hiding those pixels behind the effects!

This article shows you how to do it with Repligator, but you can use the same technique with other programs.

Lets take this as our original small image:

If we increase the size by 4 (using Repligator PRO's paste resize command, or your paint program's resize command) you will get this blocky blurry image:

Now you can use effects and filters to hide the pixels and add detail so the final image is not so blocky and blurred. Here is an example using Repligator's Colored Balls effect:

Repligator's Colored Balls Effect

You have hidden the blurriness behind shiney balls!

Or you could get Andy Warhol to create some screen prints for you:

Repligator's Warhol Effect

Alternatively you can hide her pixels in starry space using Repligator's Stardust Effect:

Repligator's Stardust Effect

You can hide the pixels of the modern age behind the "pixels" of old newsprint image processing:

Repligator's Newsprint Effect

Here is one last example, which really hides the lady herself, as well as her pixels, Repligator's Relief Map Effect:

Repligator's Relief Map Effect

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