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Some Floral, Geometric, and Conversation Designs

Two examples each of these (textile) design categories, first two floral dresigns:

Floral Allover DesignFloral Trellis Design

As you can see there is a wide range of color schemes available, actually an infinity of color schemes! As an example I'll redo the pattern on the right in two other color schemes just by clicking on the color scheme button Color Scheme Experimentation of the program. The results are shown below:

Blue Floral Trellis DesignGreen Gold Floral Trellis Design

Now lets go on to "Geometric" designs. There are many ways of quickly creating designs like that in Gliftex, and here are two examples:

Subdued Geometric DesignGeometric Design

Maybe "subdued" can only be applied to the color scheme of the pattern on the left, and the one on the right is quite strongly lively in its use of colors, though unified none the less.

By the way all the designs and patterns you have seen so far are easily "tileable". What I mean is that with the program all you have to do is click on the tiling icon and and then click on the seamless tiling check box.

Now, on to "conversational". This normally means designs with recognizable objects in it which are not traditional objects like flower and leaves. Here are two examples:

A conversational- designExample of a mixed conversational/geometric pattern

The design on the left is pure doggy lover, whereas the one on the right pushes a bit harder at tradition and is in fact more of a mixed geometrical/conversational design.

All of these designs were created with Gliftex, which costs only $14.99 for the home version, and all the designs you create are your own to use (or even sell!)



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