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Generative Art and Textile Design

As explained in another Generative Art article, the origin of Gliftic, now called Gliftex, was in an idea for describing an image as composed of three parts, the form, the color scheme and the interpretation. Add to this the ability to breed images and you have a real generative art program.

Further add to this the fact that you can tile the images and that the PRO version has PostScript output and you get a tool well able to create high quality textile designs.

Here is a graphical idea of what the three components are, and how they can be combined to create a single design:

Generative Art Explained Graphically

The current version of Gliftex has 47 basic forms, 4 basic color schemes, and 40 interpretaions. Given that each of the forms, and each of the color schemes and each of the interpretations can be varied almost infinitely, there is a huge potentila for creating unique graphics designs.

Here is a screenshot of the program:

Paisley Design Software Screenshot

Here is another graphical representation of how the program works:

Combine form, color scheme and interpretation

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