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Gliftex Vector Output

This page is so that you can check that the PostScript vector created by Gliftex PRO is compatible with your vector program (for example Illustrator or Corel Draw).

Click on the image below to download a zipped PostScript version of the same image. The zipped file has the name Gliftex-Test-Vector-Image.zip, and contains Gliftex-Test-Vector-Image.PS.

Postscript Decorative Pattern

Remember that if you are using a paint program like Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo or Photoshop the high resolution and high pixel size images of the PRO version are also useful for professionals.

Here are some more example images, each is a zipped PostScript file. Click on them to download.





If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me at Ransen Software.

Why Gliftex is ideal for creating textile designs.


There is a free demo of the program...

The demo has simple step by step tutorials included in the help file. Gliftex can be used for many other overall (and non) patterns, like floral designs and mandala designs.


How to create Paisley designs
Draw Paisley Designs

How to choose

How to create Mandala designs.

Floral Design Program

Vector Designs with Gliftex

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