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Illustrator is ideal for textile design, and there are a lot of plugins out there which help you with the nitty gritty of repeats and so on. This program, Gliftex, while not being a plugin software, is compatile with Illustrator, it produces PostScript output which can be read by and modified in Illustrator. In fact any program which can read PostScript can read the output of Gliftex. This allows you to modify the designs in any way you want.

If you are serious about your designs you will need the PRO version, which not only has the PS output, but also has preset saving capabilities and larger raster image options.

Here are some example designs:

Allover Tiling Floral Design Example 1

Quick recoloring (full color digital colorways) can be achived in seconds, for example the design above can quickly be recolored to get the design below:

Allover Tiling Floral Design Example 2

Gliftex gives you an amazing mix of traditional and modern, look at this Paisley design for example:

Allover Paisley Design Example

Colorways in digital textile design.


There is a free demo of the program...

The demo has simple step by step tutorials included in the help file. Gliftex can be used for many other overall (and non) patterns, like floral designs and mandala designs.


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