Gliftex Tutorials: The Complementary Colors dialog

In Gliftex 7 you can choose between 4 types of color schemes, and Complementary colors is the latest addition.

Once you have created your first image using the icon (or pressing the F7 key) you can choose the color scheme using the panel in the middle of the left hand side of the window:

Complemtary Colors.

Here is how to get your color scheme panel looking like the one above:

Step 1) Set the top combo box to be "Tickle and Set"
Step 2) Choose "Complementary Colors" from the bottom combo box
Step 3) Click on the "Set" so you get a dialog as shown below

The complementary colors scheme is represented by a color wheel on which are drawn all the hues of the spectrum. Using the two sliders beneath the color wheel you can choose the main base hue and the number of complements (from 2 to 6) which you want. The main base hue is chosen by moving the slider, the complements will rotate automatically.

Complementary Color Scheme Selection

Now if there were only these pure hues there would not be much color variation within a scheme. So the other five sliders to the left of the color wheel allow you to select:

In all the above the base colors are (in this example, see the image above) 3, and they are red green and blue. Of course you can have from 2 to 6 main base colors.

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