Gliftex Tutorial 1: Quick Start

(You may like to print this tutorial (see under the File menu of this window), it is about 2 A4 pages long)

Gliftex is designed to quickly give you ideas and images for surface design, stuff like WEB backgrounds and wallpaper and textiles etc. You don't need to be able to draw! Lets start!

Run Gliftex, and you should get a window as shown below. The first thing you do is click on the blue lightening icon:

Introductory Screenshot

Step 1 : Click on the blue lightening icon (not the feather). Gliftex will create an image, how long it takes depends on the complexity of the image chosen by Gliftic's internal wizard. The power of your computer will also influence the time taken. It usually takes a few seconds to create an image.

Once the image has been generated, if you like it, go on to Step 2. If you don't like the image click on the blue lightening icon again to get a new one. So repeat Step 1 until you get an image you like!

Step 2 : Once you have found an image you like, you can get variations on that image (its colors, its overall form and its details) by clicking on the blue feather icon (a feather because we are tickling the image):

You can keep on tickling the image as much as you want!

Step 3 : Review the images you have made by clicking on the image sequence overview icon Image Sequence Icon in the toolbar, and you will get this dialog:

Image Sequence Thumbnails

You can click on the forward and backward arrow buttons and double click on the image you want to see full size.

Screen Shot

Step 4 : If you find an image you want to save you can click on the File menu (top left of the window) and then click on Save Image in the menu:

Saving an image


What have you learned?

1) That the blue lightening icon gives total control of the generated image to the Gliftex wizard.
2) That the blue feather icon tickles the image settings, thus keeping the overall "style" of the image, but changing its final aspect.
3) That you can review all the images created by clicking on the image sequence overview icon on the toolbar.
4) That you can save images on your computer's disk.

This is the end of Tutorial 1

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