Gliftex Tutorial 8: Breeding Images

(You may like to print this tutorial (see under the File menu of this window), it is about 2 A4 pages long)

If you are new to Gliftex and have not done the first four tutorials please do them now.

This tutorial illustrates how to cross breed Gliftex images. You choose a mother image and a father image and they have a baby image.

Step 1 : Run Gliftex and, as in the previous tutorial, click on the Blue Lightening Icon icon in the toolbar. This will create your first image. Now click again and again on the icon till you find an image you like. We will choose the mother image from one of this sequence (remember you can view the sequence by clicking on the Image Sequence Icon icon in the tool bar).

Step 2 : Just for a change, instead of continuing with the same sequence we can create a new one by clicking on the File | New Sequence menu item:

Staring a new image sequence

(Mothers and fathers can be chosen from the same sequence, this is simply an example of how to do it from different sequences)

Step 3 : Again, click on the blue lightening icon, and maybe the tickle icon, until you find an image you like, but which is obviously different from the one you have chosen in the first sequence. Don't worry, it is harder to describe than do! Now you should have two images visible, something like this:

Breeding Screenshot

Step 4 : Follow the abcd steps in the above diagram. Here are more details:
a: Click on the image which will be the father, the image's title bar is activated (goes blue)
b: Click on the father icon, (the mother icon now gets enabled at this stage)
c: Click on the image which will be the mother, the image's title bar is activated
d: Click on the mother icon
You should now see a dialog like this:

Breeding Dialog Screenshot

In the example above I have chosen the form to come from the father (the mandala form) and the colors (light blues) to come from the mother, and interpretation to come from the father.The baby resulting from this union is:

Baby Image

and you can clearly see the influence of both parents!

Maybe you think that this child is a bit lonely? Well if you use the blue feather tickle icon Blue Feather Tickle slight variations of the image will be generated, brothers and sisters to the new child!


What have you learned?:

1) That the sequence of actions for breeding two images is father-image - father-icon mother-image mother-icon.
2) That, as usual, slight variations can be made by clicking the blue tickle icon.

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