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Candelas Lumens and Lux
Owen F Ransen




About the author.

Owen F. Ransen has years of experience in the design of software, hardware and devices for image production and lighting analysis.

While in Japan he created the hardware and software for one of the world's first commercial ray tracing systems for the production of animation for TV ads (Concurrent Images KK, Tokyo, Japan, 1982).

In Italy he created one of the world's first commercial programs to combine the techniques of ray tracing and radiosity to produce not only technical data on lighting installations, but also photometrically realistic renderings of the installation (Martini Lighting, Modena, Italy 1990)

Currently he is a consultant working in the fields of lighting software, color analysis software, LED light performance software, as well as parametric and automated CAD design.

His Repligator graphical effects program won best Graphics Program of the year in 1999 at the SIAF awards in Tampa, Florida.

Among his other technical publications are "Programming AutoCAD in C/C++" and "Ransen's ObjectARX Programming Course".



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About the author.