"Candelas Lumens and Lux" introduction to lighting  terms and calculations
"Candelas Lumens and Lux" introduction to lighting  terms and calculations




Photometric File Format Conversion

If you have to convert a photometric file (like an Eulumdat LDT) into another format (like an IESA .IES) then all you need to do is drag the original file into PhotoView and then save it in your required format:

.IES to LDT .LDT to IES Eulumdat and IESNA interchange

Of course not all file formats support all the same fields, so some data may be lost in some conversions. IESNA .IES files for example hava a ballast factor field, while .LDT files do not. Eulumdat .LDT files can ahve multiple sets of lamps, IES cannot.

In most cases though the main data is transfered from one to the other without problems. As you can see from the schematic above PhotoView also handles CIE and LTL files.

Here is a screenshot of PhotoView just after opening an LDT Eulumdat file:

Open an Eulmdat file (.LDT),

To save it as an IESNA .IES file all you need to do is use the file menu:

Save as .IES IESNA

When you get the file save dialog simply choose .IES IESNA:

IES to LDT conversion

If you have hundreds or thousands of photometry files to convert then you could use PhotoView's batching options.

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