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PhotoToMesh ($49.99 for V7 or $34.99 for V4) is a standalone Windows application which creates 3D meshes from photographs and other images.

The meshes can be saved as DXF files or StereoLithographic files (STL and STLB) which you can use in your 3d printing machines or CAD programs. You can rotate the 3D object by dragging the mouse over the screen to see exactly how your object will turn out.

Here is a screenshot from the new version showing how a medal (or coin) shape is created with a "bas-relief" of the photo on it:

Bas relief of portrait on medal STL 3d printing file

Here is how a spherical object is created:

Spherical STL for 3D printing and NC

In the above example the base form is cylindrical, in the example below the base form is rectangular.

Celtic Vase STL for 3D printing and NC

The top half of the screen contains the settings while the bottom half contains two images. The left-hand image is your original artwork or photograph, the right-hand image shows how the mesh which has been created using that photograph (using a heightfield surface).

The new surface of revolution can even create closed objects, like the celtic egg shown above.

You can make really complicated objects with PhotoToMesh, for example:

Example of STL file use

Of course you can use any sort of image, even a simple logo, as show below:

PhotoToMesh can be used to create millable signs from simple black and white graphics. The simple but effective controls allow you to control the height and smoothness of the DXF mesh.

PhotoToMesh has been used to create lithophanes, here is an example:

Lithophane Software Program.

If you want to see if your CAD or CAM program is compatible with the meshes produced by this program go to this mesh sample page or the STL sample page. If you have any questions as a result please contact me.


The printing of a star shaped lithophane




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