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Free Experimental CNC version of Photo To Mesh

PhotoToMesh currently creates DXF and STL files. It is used mainly for creating bas reliefs and lithophanes in various geometries as shown below...


A few customers have asked me to create CNC output. We've had a look at it together and I realise I don't have the experience or knowledge to do it without more input. And I don't know if it would be a valuable addition for current and future customers.

So I've made a free version of PhotoToMesh with CNC output of rectangular objects (like the one in the screenshot above). It is for experts who understand the structure of CNC files and not for novices. If you would like to test it and give me feedback here is the download...

Download Setup-PTMV7-Free-CNC (2 Mbytes)

Currently it lacks the header and footer of the CNC file, and I think it lacks a lot of other settings. But as I say, I'm a complete beginner in CNC so all suggestions and criticisms welcome.

And if nobody replies I'll know it is not a product I should be making...

- Owen F. Ransen.

Gallery Of STL Objects created with PhotoToMesh...



"I imported the STL's from PhotoToMesh into my CAM package (Cimatron E) and machined the STL directly."
Really slick software. I found it perusing the internet for a way to convert an extremely large 2d DEM image into 3d and import it into Rhino 5. I was searching for topo terrain conversion plugins. My detailed contour maps just crash Rhino and a few other 3d modeling programs. PhotoToMesh solved the problem. Thanks! - Scott



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