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Mesh Height and Base Height of a STL Stereolithographic file

Depending on what sort of object you want to create and what sort of machine you are using you'd like to be able to change the height of the mesh produced, as well as the thickness of the "base" of the object. Here is what I mean by "mesh height" and "base height":

Sterelithographic mesh from an image

To change these values is easy. For the mesh height just type in the value you want:

How to create STL files from a photo

In the example below I've changed the base height from 15.0 to 5.0 just to illustrate how it affects the object:

Stereolithographic mesh from an image, lower base height

PhotoToMesh has a demo version which you can download and try with your own photos and images and experiment with the base height and mesh height settings:


Bas Relief Making



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