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Settings for making a medal or medallion with PhotoToMesh (V5/V6 only)

As far as the dimensions are concerned you can change the diameter of the "medal", its thickness and also how far off the face the mesh of your image can get (called Z-Height of mesh). The image below explains it all:

PhotoToMesh settings for coins and medals


The mesh is constructed from radial lines and concentric circles. You need to have enough of both to get decent detail in your 3D print output. In the screenshot above I have set them 350 and 200 respectively.

In the screenshot below I've set them to a much lower values so I can show you what each setting means:

PhotoToMesh settings for very flat cylinders

Don't use settings of 20 and 10! The object created would be very low resolution!

Here is one example of using the medal mesh for creating a medal, you'll need to use the vignette settings to smooth the image at its edges:



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