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Medical imaging and 3d printers.

An often used medical imaging file format is 8 bit monochrome TIF (or TIFF). Many medical sensors give out data in 8bits with no color information, and using monchrome TIF means that no data is lost while the file size stays small. Here is an example:

An 8 bit monochrome TIFF format medical image

PhotoToMesh can read those images and create STL files for 3D printing. Look at this:

Reconstructuìion from medical data

Currently the models are created by adding together several layers, each made from a separate 3D print of the basic data:

Source of medical data for 3D printers

If you want to try PhotoToMesh on your own images just download the Windows demo by clicking on the button below:

Download PhotoToMesh Free Demo
(Windows only, not the Mac)




A model of the planet Mars.


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