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Pointor and archaeological survey work in Uzbekistan.

The University of Australia uses Pointor for archaeological survey work:

"We do archaeological survey work in Uzbekistan. Pointer helps to easily convert database, GPS, Total Station survey info into CAD readable files. It does it easily and fast. It also looks like a great little program for opening and viewing a map/plan version of the data.

We use so many different pieces of equipment, and they vary from year to year, that we often need to translate point data from one instruments software program into CAD or GIS compatible files."

- Michelle

Here is an overview of what Pointor can do for you (in this example using an Excel spreadsheet as the source, though a text file with a list of points would work just as well):

Excel to DXF example

Note that even if you don't want to save the points as a DXF CAD file Pointor is still useful for the visualisation of the data.

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