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A real world example of CAD point list data import.

"I have a need to convert user generated tabular X-Y data into a .DXF format. More specifically, I'm attempting to cut gears on a homemade CNC X-Y table. I mathematically generated the X-Y points for the outline of the gear which includes a tricky involute curve.

"My next step is to convert the X-Y data into G-code which the machine will recognize. I found plenty of shareware to convert a CAD file (.DXF) into G-code. The bottleneck was getting the tabular data into a CAD program so I could eventually export it to a .DXF file.

"If I were a CAD guru, I may have been able to figure something out here. I surely wasn't going to try and manually connect a few thousand points! I found your software doing a WEB search. I downloaded your demo and quickly got the first 25 points of the involute curve (with connecting lines) into my CAD program. I was impressed.

"I easily imported the data (3860 points) and exported the .DXF file. See attached screenshot. Your product was well worth the money to me. Thanks again" - George Anderson

Here is the final DXF file created by Pointor and imported into his CAD program:

Cad Data Import, pointlists to DXFs

There is a free demo of Pointor:

You can use Pointor for GIS data too of course.




One happy customer Michael says:
"I was looking for an application that is able to turn .csv files to dxf - and Pointor does!"

Archeology and Pointor


"My interest is in loading borehole data into a DXF file. Right now, I'm using TurboCAD to create 2-D and 3-D site maps.I am trying to integrate facility data with geophysical log data to create 3-D visualizations of subsurface contamination.Conventional software for this tends to rely on geostatistics, but that really isn't approriate for this type of dataset. There is too much to key in, but too little for valid geostatistical assessment."
- A happy Pointor customer.

Pointor as a Txt to Dxf converter.


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