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How to to convert a cloud of points into a dxf file.

If you have a list of two or three dimensional points, maybe from a text file or an Excel speadsheet etc, sometimes you want to visualize and/or convert this list to a DXF file.

(There is also LidarToDxf which may be more applicable to converting from point clouds to DXF clouds.)

Sometimes even a short list of points are hard to analyse unless you can quickly plot their positions:

Cloud of points as raw text

With Pointor you can simply bring in the text list and immediately see them in all their graphical glory:

As you can see, the visual data is much easier to understand than a three columns of data. You can zoom in with the mouse wheel or magnifying glass icon:

Of course you can save the list of points as a DXF.

As one of our customers said: "I am very pleased with Pointor. I discovered it on a web search trying to find a way to convert a cloud of points to a dxf file." GIS Topcon users also love Pointor!, Click here to find out more.

Here is another example.

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Another example, XLS to DXF tutorial.


Real world example 1

Real world example 2

Real world example 3

Txt to DXF


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