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How to convert a DXF file into a CSV (list of points) file.

Simply drag your DXF file into the main window, or use the File menu "Get Points From Dxf File" menu item and select the sorts of entities you want to turn into points in your point list. Here is an overview:

From DXF to Pointlist...

Here is how you choose the sorts of entities you want to create you point list from:

DXF file, points, polylines and circles to CSV

If you choose POLYLINEs then all the vertices in every polyline of the DXF file will become a point in your pointlist.

You may want to do this because a point list is easier for you to manipulate than a drawing or image, for example in a text editor, database or spreadsheet.

DXF file, polylines, circles and points to pointlist

You can save the point list as a CR5 file, as well as the normal CSV, TXT files etc.There is a free demo you can download using the button at then bottom of this page. If you need other entities that need to be considered in the DXF import then let us know.


Compatibility with XP and Vista...

An overview which shows how simple Pointor is.

Another example of the ease of use of Pointor

Customer quote:
"I searched on google for Importing XYZ points into Autocad in and Pointor was third down in the list. I downloaded the trial and found it was just the easy to use and time saving software I was after!



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