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Sometimes you have a DXF file with points in it which you want to convert into a simple list of XYZ (or XY) points in a TXT or CSV file. Pointor does this for you, as you can see in the image below:

DXF to XYZ conversion

In other words, Pointor converts a DXF file to an XYZ file, i.e. a comma delimited text file containing xyz coordinates, or PNEZD type data. This can be useful for extracting the raw XYZ coordinates from a DXF file containing, for example, contours or other elevation entities.

Often the output files have .TXT or .PRN or .CSV extensions, you choose.

On the extreme right of the the image above it says "saved as a point list", but you can also copy the point list into the Windows clipboard and simply paste it into whatever document (Access, Excel Word etc) you want to:

DXF to pointlist: Copy point list to clipboard

Almost all entities in a DXF file have XYZ coordinates, but which ones do you want to pick up? The dialog lets you choose combination of Points, Polylines, Circles, Texts, Lines, 3D faces, Inserts and Arcs. (If you want other entities to be considered please contact me.)

From DXF file to Pointlist file, DXF 2 XYZ

Once you have the points in the program you can now output them in three ways, as a points only DXF file, or as an image (use the mousewheel to zoom/pan into the image) or as an XYZ or XY list. These three options are shown below:

DXF to DXF, Image, Pointlist

A free demo is available so you can test the program on your own DXF (and/or pointlist) data:

DXF to Pointlist conversion download

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