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Choose your GIS format

This dialog shows how to choose which format your point or survey data. As you change the options the text preview changes so you will always know what you are importing.

PNEZD Format

The most common file formats are supported, including data from Topcon , TDS and Magellan instruments. Summarising:

  • Pure Numbers, XY and X Y Z
  • Code, X, Y
  • Code, Y, X
  • UPT
  • X, Y, Desc
  • X, Y, Z Desc
  • X, Y, Z .BRK
  • CR5
  • SurPac
  • XYZA (CNC)
  • XYZ
  • PXYZDF (Point-number, X, Y, Z, Description and Flags)

Among the file extensions which Pointor reads are:

  • CSV
  • TXT
  • PRN
  • BRK
  • CDL
  • ASC
  • UPT
  • CR5
  • STR

The most popular extensions are in the list above, but the file type does not have to be in the list. You can also copy tabular data from another application (like Excel or Word or Access etc.) into Pointor by using the clipboard. To import lists of points from Excel or Access (Windows XP, Vista or 7) simply use the clipboard. Select the rows and columns you want to see and copy-paste them into Pointor (and maybe save as a DXF file).

Apart from the above text preview there is also a visual preview so you are sure the points you are importing are correct.

If you have some point data you would like to view in Pointor, but are you unsure as to which format to try please contact me. Even if we do not support that format yet almost all the formats above have been suggested by customers.

A mapping and topology utility for GIS systems.

Code-X-Y to DXF file conversion.

GIS and Archeology




One happy customer Michael says:
"I was looking for an application that is able to turn .csv files to dxf - and Pointor does!"

Points, descriptions, and layernames

Why convert from CSV to DXF?

"I really like all the layer options for DXF output, and the straight up copy and paste (as opposed to the .csv back and forth) that is key. Thanks for the hard work." - N.W.

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