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Options for displaying and saving to DXF.

The options dialog, shown below, gives you simple but complete control over how to view the points. These same options are used when you save to a DXF file

You can choose layers and colors of these layers, and how to represent the points, as a simple AutoCAD point or a circle. You can change the size of the circle of course. The ideal size depends on the density of the list, and whether you will be zooming into it or generally viewing it in its entirety.

These layers are useful for two reasons:

  1. So that when you import the the generated DXF file in AutoCAD (or IntelliCAD or Microstation etc) you are able to switch the layers on and off according to the job you want to do.

  2. When you are simply viewing the list of points within the Pointor program itself you can use the colors of the layers to emphasise or de-emphasise the points themselves, or the associated text and/or coordinates, or indeed the grid and/or axes.

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General overview page.

Pointor to create maps from CSV files






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