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Pointor Screen Shot

List of points? View, Search, Print, and Save to DXF with Pointor, a lightweight GIS utility program. The screen shot below shows some of the features of this useful program:

Viewing point lists graphically

Here is a more detailed view of the toolbar:

The Pointor point list converter and dxf saver toolbar

Download Pointor point list and DXF converter

Some more screenshots.

Learn more about searching GIS points here.

Learn more about measuring distances here.

GIS Import Export

Why convert from CSV to DXF?

One happy customer Michael says:
"I was looking for an application that is able to turn .csv files to dxf - and Pointor does!"

I use Pointor a lot to convert the topo breakline data files into 3-D autocad dxf files. It works perfectly every time. - A. N. Other (happy customer)

Free Demo:

Code-X-Y to DXF file conversion.

GIS and Archeology




Points, descriptions, and layernames

Why convert from CSV to DXF?


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