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Pointor can be used with the files created by the TDS 48 data collector

TDS CR5 file format reading

Use Pointor to view, search TDS data collector survey points lists. Pointor can use the ASC format from the TDS. You can save the files to DXF for importing into a wide variety of CAD programs, as shown below:

Easy CAD point import, even CR5

As one of our customers said:

"We were looking for a stand alone program to create points for AutoCAD from TDS or Excel generated point data. Pointor is ideal."

See also:

If you have some point data you would like to view in Pointor, but are you unsure as to which format to try please contact me. Even if we do not support that format yet almost all the formats above have been suggested by customers.



Pointer has met every need that I had when I purchased it last year
- Bob Mellen






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