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It is a good idea to scan important documents...

...but it is also a good idea to print them and have hard copies on hand in case you lose the originals. For example In California your have to keep the car registration and proof of insurance card in the car. But what if the car is stolen or broken into?

What I do is use a scanner program which allows me to add some text to the scanned document and then print the result direct to the printer.

For example here is one of the two print dialogs of RansenScan:

Scan, Annotate,  Save and Print important documents

In this example I've got RansenScan to scan the reciept (it automatically cuts away white space around the image) and then I used the Print menu item to bring up this dialog. Here I added the annotation that I wanted (I sometimes forget what and when and where varous reciepts came from) and all I have to do now is clic on "Ok, and Print".

"Ok, and Print" brings up the standard Windows print dialog, so you can choose your printer.

So within a few seconds you have a annotated hard copy of your important document. As one of our customers commented:

"I get a lot of receipts that I need to keep for business and tax records. Often these receipts are printed on thermal paper. (All the important receipts form the post office are like this.) These receipts fade. After a year they are hard to read and after two or three years they are worthless. RansenScan can be used to scan groups of these and print them (or just store them on the computer) for a permanent record."

Click here to download the demo


"I found the software by searching on Google for a product that would let me scan multiple photographs in one pass. It's a great product!" Thanks.
- M. T.







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