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Is there a software to automatically crop a scan of multiple images?

Luckily the answer is yes, have a look at the screenshot below:

Software to automatically crop a scan of multiple images?

The scanned image can come directly from your scanner, or you can load a previously scanned image file into RansenScan. Though the images must not touch, and must not touch more than one edge of the scanner bed, they can be crooked (skewed (some uncouth people would add an 'r' in there)) and RansenScan will straighten them for you.

This is a utility which will completely automate this process, without having to write or load or understand a script. Just load and go, as shown by the cigarette card collection below:

Scan, crop, straighten. A scanning program.

And as an added bonus you don't need Photoshop! Just install and test on your own photos to see how it performs on your Windows PC and with your scanner. There is a free demo for just that purpose.

For the slightly more advanced there is a batch processing more, where you point the program at the folder of multi-scans and the folder where you want the extracted images put.

Unlike many utilities and scripts you do not need to define areas or positions, just scan and go! You can if you want restrict the size of the images extracted, and this helps if you have images of images. For example an image with a portrait on a white wall behind the main subject of the photo.

Summarising: RansenScan helps you make separate image files from multiple images in a single scan. For best results, you should keep 1/8 inch (about 3mm) between the images in your scan, and the background (typically the scanner bed) should be a uniform color with little dirt. It works best on images with clearly delineated outlines, though it does quite well with others.

The maximum number of images which can be "autocropped" in one go is 20, see here for more details.

You can also print the images, as well as adjust and correct there colors and contrast. A free demo of RansenScan is available...

Download automatic straighten and crop scanning software

...and you can read some customer testimonials here.

RansenScan comes with a full Windows help file and tutorial. Click here to see the online version.




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