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Copy and paste direct from the scanner.

Sometimes you want to scan several images in one pass and then copy and paste each image into another program, usually a paint program. This is sometimes more convenient than using the software bundled with the scanner which saves a numbered file in an odd folder which is hard to find!

Here is an idea of what we want:

Multiple old photos scanning

This program lets you copy the "sub images" (single photos) from a scan and then copy and paste each one individually. Simply right click on the sub image and select "Copy to Windows clipboard" from the menu which pops up.

You can also print the images, as well as adjust and correct there colors and contrast. A free demo of RansenScan is available...

...and you can read some customer testimonials here.


Thanks so much for this super software. My other half would have probably been willing to rescan the originals, but...now he is happy to do it as it will take a LOT less time. Straightening and extracting the pics were always the things that took the most time. Now, it is a piece of cake!
- MissRose

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