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How to scan, separate, and straighten old photo collections.

I have a pile of old photos to scan, not only my own (from the 70s 80s and 90s), but also olf family photos from as far back as the first world war. So how to do this efficiently? I needed a program which would scan many photos together and then help me separate, straighten and save them. The screenshot below shows how the program I wrote, RansenScan, does this for me:

Photographs, scan, extract, straighten

The program has scanned and extracted the 3 images automatically. (These are not my own old photographs, but from my postcard selection.) Not only that but it has striaghtened them too, note especially the brown photo in the main scan and the extracted version on the center right of the screenshot.

I haven't got enough small old photos to show you how it can straighten even them, but the screenshot below should give you an idea of what RansenScan can do automatically:

Scan and straighten in one go

RansenScan can do up to 20 images in one go, as long as they do not touch each other and a border is left around the edge of the scanner. Here is an example with 17 (quite small) images extracted and straightened in one go:

Extract and straighten many images in a single go

A word of warning: Don't try to fix your photos before you scan them, if you "to scrub them clean" it will only make the damage worse. Simply wipe off the dust with a soft brush. Don't cut your photos, either, you can crop them in RansenScan once they've been scanned.

RansenScan is a Windows program with a free demo so you can try it out on your own photos and images:

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