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"I have to tell you that RansenScan software is great!"

Here is an unsolicted email from a happy user of RansenScan V3:

Hello Owen, I have to tell you that RansenScan software is great! I'll try not to bore you with my story, but my neighbors and myself are so impressed by the results of RansenScan.

My neighbors are in their mid 70s and sell postcards on eBay. Some of their postcards are worth into the $1000s. The wife does all the preparation to post the images to eBay. She has an old (6 years) Epson multifunction scanner/printer. It would normally take her 2 full days to scan 50 postcards and when completed her arms would hurt for a couple days after that.

I volunteered to scan the postcards for her. I have a Canon MG8120 multifunction printer. It took me about an hour to complete 50 postcards. The problem was when I gave them the files back to post to eBay they told me that they didn't look as good as their Epson scans. (I was kind of embarrassed). I went back and rescanned again trying every setting possible and even the highest DPI possible...Still they images didn't look good. I even tried my old Canon scanner and got the same results.

So...I contacted Canon, sent them the files including the scans from my neighbors. They told me that there was nothing wrong, but I could take the scanner to a service center if I wanted to. I figured I'd just go out and purchase a new Epson scanner, but after reading a lot of the reviews I noticed that many people were complaining about the scan quality and the software. So I Googled, "Best Software For Scanning Postcards" and low and behold your website came up.

I tried your demo software and the results were unbelievable. I showed my neighbors the files yesterday and they were so excited.

As for a "wish" feature. When they post their postcards on eBay they like to have a small border around the outside edges. This gives potential customers a better view of the quality of the postcard edges. What I do now is when I select the sub image I just move the boundaries out a little bit and then substitute the selected area. A feature that would allow me to set a default border size around the sub image would be nice to have. Sorry this was so long, but I'm really impressed.

Thank you,

Gregg Croteau

(So, I think I'll add that feature into Version 4 of RansenScan. But don't hold your breath!)




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