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If you contact us with a specific problem and we may ask you to help by sending us a file or two. Here are the key combinations which create the files:


Control-L will save the log files on your desktop, "ScanLog" and "OldScanLog".
Control-T will save a screenshot of the application on your desktop
Alt-Shift-A will save the analysis file (the whole scanned image) on your desktop.


Simply send us the files (zipped preferably) then you can delete them from  your desktop. If the program is crashing, a very rare occurence, the procedure is:


1) Program crashes.

2) Run program and use the Control-L key combination,  reply YES to save log files on desktop.

3) Send me the two log files ("ScanLog" and "OldScanLog") on your desktop.



For the technically minded the log files are simple text files placed in the applications data folder. The folder will have a name something like this in Vista and XP:


C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Ransen Software\RansenScan V4\



In Windows 7 and 8 the folder will be something like this:


C:\ProgramData\Ransen Software\RansenScan V4\