RansenScan Lesson 4

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If you have not yet done previous lesson please do it before this one.


In this lesson you will learn how to enhance the colors of old photographs.


First make sure that Enable Automatic Extraction of Images is checked by using the Tools menu Auto Recog Config menu item. You need to have the dialog look like this:




Use the Help menu to Get Third Example Image. The program will extract the four images and place them in the sub image column on the right:




You can see that though the automatic contrast and brightness has worked well for three images, the second one is too dark. We will correct that now. As shown in the image above, you should (single) click on the second image in the column of sub images. Then, click on this icon:




You will get this dialog box:




Click on the HSV radio button, and change the settings as follows:


1.Drag the Saturation slider to about 1.5, or type 1.5 into the saturation edit box.
2.Drag the Value slider to about 0.1, or type 0.1 into the value edit box.
3.Drag the Contrast slider to about 3, or type 3 into the contrast edit box.


Now you can click on OK. You'll be asked if you want to apply the corrections to all the current and future images:




Note that you can change back to automatic whenever you want by clicking on the Color-circles and clicking on Automatic.


The HSV is a color model explained here.


Other topics:

Copying to the clipboard.
Saving multiple images.