RansenScan Lesson 2

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If you have not yet done the first lesson please do it before this one.


Step 1: Open the second example image by going to the Help menu and clicking on Get Second Example Image. RansenScan will not be able to properly recognise the separate images because they are all jumbled together:




There are no subimages, just the main scan.


Step 2: Drag the mouse over the picture of the girl in the sportscar. If you make a mistake while dragging you can hit the ESC key on the keyboard to start again.






Step 3. Hit the A key (or use the Add icon) to add the selection to the list of sub images:




Note that the icon for Add shows shows an image being added to the column of sub images.


Step 4. Now maybe you would like to rotate the sub image. Double click on the image on the right hand side of the screen and you'll get the Subimage Fine Tuning Dialog. Click on these words to find out more.


Step 5: Do the same thing with all the other images. Remember, drag the mouse to select, hit A to Add, right click to rotate. You will end up with a screen which looks more or less like this:




Step 6: Save all the sub images by using the File menu Save All Sub Images menu item.


Lesson 3 will teach you about creating sub images which are details of other images, as well as the Substitute command.